What Can You Do With A PotRing?

The folks in Mijas Spain have made the flower pot ring a town feature attracting tourists from far and wide. Soon to be a world heritage site.

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Mijas Spain, a town filled with flowers, flowers on walls, flowers on balcony brackets, flowers on window sills, flowers in terracotta pots, red flowers in blue flower pots, flower pots mounted in PotRings. Did I mention flowers?

Around the world gardeners have discovered the PotRings unique ability to place living flowers almost anywhere. Unusual placements add appeal and can transform an ordinary space into something more.

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Choose flower species that bloom for an extended part of the season. Or grow herbs for your cuisine.

See how a PotRing can bring an unusual flair to an ordinary space. Elevating plants from the ground to create a more three-dimensional look to your displays.

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Interested in using PotRings in your living or outdoor space?

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